Stay, don’t scroll yet, this part is about you. You want to learn from others experiences and not your own. How beneficial is it to use another’s mistake as a footstool and make few of your own?  How will it feel to hear words that imprint on your mind and subconsciously dwell in your heart? Would you like a weekly poem that will encourage and motivate you in any venture? Want to hear a poem read at an event? Choose one from Human Whispers or have one crafted to befit your requirements, the choice is wholly and entirely yours. Allow me to cater to your requirements, let me know how I may help you. Contact me, I’m here for you, for your needs.

“Only a life lived for others is a life worthwhile.”

-  Albert Einstein

A gentleman with a rich personality. Born in London 1985, roots born and bred in Ghana, West Africa. A Masters graduate with over a decade’s aptitude teaching English to children and adults alike in the UK and abroad. An active listener, voracious reader and a poet with a warmth to endow introspection into the life of others.