Invictus is a solution - a solution that manages the tension between the consumer’s real-time needs and the constraints of commercial airlines that demonstrate they are done listening to the very souls that literally gave them flight. A solution that manages the tension between economics and the agility of those who can afford private air transport.




about us



The Invictus philosophy is to provide solutions - ahead of service. We provide state-of-the-art technological and purely economical solutions to the traveler in real-time. By utilizing smart technologies we become personal to the user, and plugged into up to the minute dynamics - and most importantly, virtually, there in an instant, whether in a bind like a canceled commercial flight, or simply seeking to streamline air travel arrangements at an affordable rate.


our mission

Why be conventional?


To erase any detectable gap between the technological tools we use for travel efficiency and their real-world, real-time application. To provide superior service in a competitive yet distinctive way to ensure satisfied word of mouth. To detect early, deliberately develop and lead.



We provide air transportation services in a new light. We take the stigma of high-class luxury costs out of private charters, and instead make luxury accessible and affordable.

Honesty in pricing_

We are committed to transparency. Our pricing model lays bare the costs associated with operating the traditional private charter.


It took a new player, with fresh eyes, to uncover the legacy thinking associated with the costs of a private aviation. The exclusivity, of historically being available to only the 1%, kept pricing falsely inflated. Price was not a concern – there is zero price competition when players follow the standard set before its emergence – without analysis, comparison or examination. Invictus is the new standard! Your presence – the masses – make the pricing honest!


We choose aircraft that are efficient to operate. We own, operate, manage and maintain our own fleet. You book directly with us – no chains of brokers, owner/operators, to inflate your quote at every step along the chain.


With 72% of passengers aboard business airplanes being non-executives – we make business aviation affordable to the company seeking to increase its reach and scope – without the prohibitive costs of the broker/private charter network, owning its own plane, its own fleet or establishing a corporate aviation department. Corporations who use business aviation return more to shareholders than those who don’t. Regardless of size.


A company can charter affordably on an as-needed basis. Book seats on our scheduled public charters to over 5 time as many destinations that are under-served, or have no service by commercial airlines. Or, having more substantial corporate and/or scheduling needs, a corporation can enroll as an affiliate in one of our Business Aviation Programs:


     1. The Jackson

     2. The Lincoln

     3. The Roosevelt


We take the class system out of commercial aviation, by offering an affordable private option. Where first-class, business-class, and economy passengers are on equal terms. Pay an equal fare. Relax in the same amount of ample luxury space as an “upper class” passenger. But this is luxury, private and affordable. Enjoy the same gourmet meals and services. Your patronage is an endorsement of our model. And our model is a solution. Money is no distinction – we bring that distinction to you!


Bypass the congestion of commercial airports with access to over 4500 regional locations.


Shirk the frustration of cancellations and delays, but utilizing our airline terms and conditions and Department of Transportation Regulations to earn a more immediate refund and rebook OnDemand on Invictus. We’ll be there virtually immediately to get you back on schedule.


Pool your seats with either preferred friends and family within your network of approved contacts uploaded into the App.


Or pool among the public by beaconing among potential passengers with the same origin and destination within your local.


Either way – you lower the costs of booking Private and Exclusive!


From Los Angeles to San Francisco, from Chicago to New York, Las Vegas to LA, or Phoenix to Denver – there is a scheduled Invictus flight between significant cities to get you there daily. No lay-overs, no hub & spoke – only direct. We know a place like Austin, TX is as vital to a professional or business as New York City. The internet has leveled the playing field – allowing professionals and companies to emerge and compete outside, and subsequently within and/or against, the major metropolitan hubs. The demand need only a vehicle – INVICTUS.


We do not sacrifice luxury. We make it accessible to the most deserving.


Welcome to your private chariot!




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From $197/seat



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"Some magicians can walk on water, Invictus can swim through land." _Donald Trump


"Invictus once kicked a horse in the chin. It's descendants are now called giraffes." _Richard Dawkins


"Invictus can cut through a hot knife with butter." _Barry Obama


"Invictus can capitalize numbers." _Malthus


"Invictus can beat the Sun at a staring contest." _Apollo


"Invictus' calendar goes straight from March 31 to April 2nd; no one fools with Invictus." _Loki